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Compresor de aire Scroll silencioso libre de aceite AirOne by Kyungwon AL-5 5HP, 380Volt,  8.3Bar, 15CFM.
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flecha destacados Compresor de aire Scroll silencioso libre de aceite AirOne by Kyungwon AL-5 5HP, 380Volt, 8.3Bar, 15CFM.

Anillos para Compresor Dental MSV-6 y MSV-12 (Odontológicos Oil Free Schulz)
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flecha destacados Anillos para Compresor Dental MSV-6 y MSV-12 (Odontológicos Oil Free Schulz)

Agent, Wholesaler and Master dealer for Chile and South America  

Servicomp, Ingeniería & Maquinarias is an industrial supplier that specializes in compressed air systems, tools and industrial services. It was founded in Santiago, Chile in 1985, following the line of foreign representation that Kralemann Representaciones Técnicashad been developing since 1946, the year in which the founders first arrived from Germany.

Some of our most recent achievements include an award for “Quality of Competitive Management” given by the government of Chile through the Ministry of Economy and the ChileanQuality Council to our company in 2009. Also, in our firm’s tireless search for excellence, we are in the process of receiving the latest version (2015) of ISO-9001 certification.

Since the year 2000, Servicomp Ltda. has worked with three Strategic Business Units.

Servicomp, Industrial Supplier: direct supplier of all machinery and services for the needs of final consumers. We offer sales, installation, repairs and technical assistance for compressed air generation, treatment and distribution units, as well as all the associated services, such as maintenance contracts and the development of piping-network design and construction projects.

We have also added the following services: preventive maintenance of rotary units (motors, centrifugal pumps, vents, extractors, screw compressors, reducers, etc.) using laser alignment techniques, vibration analysis and thermography, as well as ultrasound that is used to inspect and detect leakage from pipes. All of these services are offered as permanent contracts and/or as specific services.

Servicomp, Wholesale Distributor: imports equipment and tools for large hardware stores, industrial suppliers and local retail chains including Sodimac and Easy. We offer training for sales staff, technical advice, logistics support and guarantees for commercialized products reaching solid and lasting commercial relations with our clients.

Servicomp, International Sales Agents or Commission Agent Representative: we offer representation services to foreign companies looking to participate in the Chilean or South American markets. We developed the commercial and marketing strategies necessary for their business success. We have over sixty years experience selling and positioning companies into the leading positions in all five continents. For this the company counts with a network of clients, (direct importers), with whom we can manage a complete nation-wide coverage of the products represented by us.

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